SSP Single Source Procurement

Green Cleaners

Green Cleaners:

Single Source Procurement, Inc. is a global distributor of the world's only patented synthetic acid system, SynTech®.  What makes our cleaners unique are their ability to outperform the harshest acidic and caustic solutions while remaining non-corrosive and non-skin irritating.   All of our formulations are totally safe, carry a triple zero HMIS score, are 100% biodegradable and are not regulated by D.O.T. or Canadian TDG.

  • Alumi-Brite - All Purpose Non-Corrosive Industrial Aluminum Cleaner and Brightener.
  • Blow Out - Non-Corrosive Beverage Line Cleaner and Descaler.
  • EnviroSapH - The Safest, Most Potent Masonry Cleaner and Efflorescence Remover.
  • Foro SapH Etch - For Etching or Removing Concrete from Any Surface and Descaling Any Line, Pipe or Equipment.
  • Fortis - General Purpose Food-Prep Cleaner and Degreaser.
  • Omni A.C.S. - Safely Descale, Clean and Degrease Any Surface.
  • Prep Wash - Surface Prep for Coating, Plating and Finishing Aluminum, Steel, Fiberglass and Plastics.
  • SynClean HD - Instantly Lifts Away Animal, Vegetable and Petroleum-based Fats, Greases and Stains.
  • Torque - Paint-Safe Super Duty Truck Wash and Wax, Guaranteed by Mack and Volvo.