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AeroSolutions Carbon Remover

AeroSolutions Carbon Remover is a safe yet potent cleaner, carbon remover and degreaser designed specifically for the aeronautic industry.  The power comes from our patented SynClean, a hydrocarbon displacement technology that safely removes soot, grease, and grime in numerous industries.

SynClean safely lifts grease from any surface without the use of solvents.  As such it is able to remove petroleum based oils, grease, carbon scoring, dirt, fuel spills, without endangering your equipment or the environment.

AeroSolutions Carbon Remover has been tested and proven to effectively remove carbon build-up that is common to all aircraft without harm to the seals and gaskets.  Contains a safe blend of detergents, wetting agents, sequestering agents, penetrates, rust and corrosion inhibitors.

As with all our formulations, AeroSolutions Carbon Remover is a water soluble, non-butyl, biodegradable, non-flammable, non-toxic product. It is delivered as a potent concentrate which costs only pennies per diluted gallon to use.  Pleasantly scented and stainless, AeroSolutions Carbon Remover leaves no oily film or gummy residue.

Aero Solutions Carbon Remover meets or exceeds military specifications # MIL-PFR-85570 D, Type 2, and is approved for all Douglas and Boeing aircraft and related parts. It is even safe on helicopters and spacecraft! 


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