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Blow Out - Line Cleaner and Descaler

BlowOut is the most aggressive line cleaner and descaler ever developed. Independent tests confirm that our patented SynTech , the world’s only synthetic acid, dissolves nearly 15% more calcium than Muriatic (hydrochloric) acid. Still, all that potency comes with a triple-zero Hazardous Material Index Score, which makes our line cleaner safe for your equipment, safe for your personnel and safe to store anywhere you wish.

BlowOut breaks down calcium, lime, scale, milk stone, beer stone and other deposits which, until now, required the use of corrosive and dangerous acids or caustics. What’s more, because SynTech is not an acid, we can combine it with surfactants, detergents and other ingredients to eliminate secondary and tertiary steps in your cleaning process.

The potency of BlowOut combined, with our safety profile, makes it the natural choice of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. In fact, BlowOut is the only non-acid cleaner that meets current Navy requirements for the cleaning of heat exchangers aboard their ships.

BlowOut can also be used to safely descale cooling towers, heating coils, boilers and any equipment that tends to build up calcium such as in food preparation plants, hospitals, even nuclear power facilities.

As BlowOut neutralizes instantly with fresh water, we remove the time and material costs associated with additional steps needed with acid-based products. BlowOut is biodegradable per OECD 301D and removes no trace metals from the system, making it legal to dispose of the treated water directly into the sanitary system. BlowOut is 100% non-corrosive and non-regulated by the D.O.T., and is non-mutagenic to marine life.




“We finished another test today and basically we saw an 80% increase in flow through a virtually plug heat exchanger after flushing it. I have to say, I'm impressed. With that, I have proceeded with building a portable pumping cart that will hold this cleaner. We will use the cart to flush heat exchangers at their point of use. This will eliminate the need to remove them, which is a big labor savings for us, plus we won't need to buy so many new replacement heat exchangers. Long story short, we will be buying more of this cleaner in the future.”

Tony Lorentz
Technology Team Leader - Engineering Test Lab
Parker Hannifin Corporation

“Your product BlowOut was highly effective in cleaning four years' accumulation of deposits from the interior sewage piping system. The environmentally friendliness of your product resulted in a cost savings in water disposal fees of $1,000. TCLP tests were conducted on the effluent and no unacceptable levels of trace (RCRA) metals were found. I consider the completion of our sewage system cleaning to be an effective prototype of use of BlowOut onboard U.S. Coast Guard cutters.”

Lt. P.D. Stukus
U.S.S. Vigilant Cutter
U.S. Coast Guard



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