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Fortis - General Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

EMS’ newly patented synthetic acid system, SynTech ® replaces harsh and dangerous cleaners in industries from vehicle cleaning, food processing, waste and water treatment. What makes EMS cleaners unique is their ability to outperform the harshest acidic and caustic solutions while remaining non-corrosive,, non-skin irritating and non-regulated by the D.O.T. In fact, they are so safe, they carry a triple-zero HMIS score.

Fortis is a new universal cleaner specifically made to replace dangerous cleaners used in your industry. The synthetic nature of EMS’ patented ingredients allows us to combine our low pH SynTech along with our high pH hydrocarbon displacement ingredient SynClean.

Fortis encapsulates and lifts petroleum-based oils, vegetable and animal fats, along with dirt, soils and grime without emulsifying. This combined with no detectable BOD limits and COD limits below 100 means that Fortis will not create additional problems in your waste water runoff.

We also include our live vegetative microbes to break down solids removes odor on contact with over 3 billion colonies per product gram of bio-enzymes and multi-cultured bacteria.

The result is a concentrated liquid that cleans, brightens, deodorizes and protects in a simple one-step process, eliminating costly steps in the cleaning process. Simply apply and rinse

Fortis is NSF certified for a wide range of uses including A1, A2 A3, A4, A5, A8, C1, C2 and D1.


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