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Prep Wash - Surface Prep for Coating, Plating and Finishing

Until now, the only effective way to prepare surfaces for coating, plating and/or finishing has been to use harsh acids and solvents which pose significant dangers to the environment, equipment and to the person washing it.

Like our other products, Prep Wash earns a triple-zero HMIS score. This un-matched safety profile earns the recommendation of industry giants Mack, Volvo and many others - a claim no other wash can make.

As Prep Wash is non-fuming, it can be used in confined areas without a respiratory system or special ventilation. This unique product is so safe that it carries a USDA Authorization Category Code of A1 deeming it safe for use in and around food processing areas.

Prep Wash is a safe alternative to solvent based pre-coating wash products.


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