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Ready-Mix Truck Wash and Wax

Until now, the only effective way to remove concrete from ready mix trucks has been the use of harsh acids. While these acids eat away the concrete, they pose significant dangers to the truck, the environment and the person washing it.

EMS Ready Mix Truck Wash and Wax is a non-corrosive, non-skin irritant, and 100% biodegradable truck wash that removes concrete as effectively as traditional acids or organic salts. Powered by SynTech , the world’s only synthetic acid, Ready Mix Truck Wash and Wax earns a triple-zero HMIS score. Its unmatched safety profile and performance earns the approval and recommendation of OEM industry giants - a claim no other wash can make.

Along with Syntech, this all-in-one wash contains the finest gre detergents, brighteners, natural rust inhibitors and bean waxes. A simple one-step application quickly removes grease, oil, rust, grime, diesel stains and soot and protects your substantial investment from the elements. Apply and rinse. No neutralizing step is required. It is so safe it can be left on overnight to loosen the heaviest buildup.

And because Ready Mix Truck Wash and Wax contains no acid and is noncorrosive, you can apply it to any part of the truck, including glass, chrome, aluminum, rubber, plastic and paint. Our newest formulation boasts the beneifts of Fusion, our safe but potent anti-stick agent, making it harder for stains and concrete to adhere to the truck.Industries:

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