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Torque - Super Duty Wash and Wax

For years the over-the-road truck industry has turned to acid washes to remove heavy build up and grime on its trucks.  Of course, these products can streak the truck’s surface, etch the glass and dull the aluminum wheels and chrome.

Torque Super Duty Wash & Wax combines the finest cleaners, degreasers, brighteners and protectants along with the right amount of our patented SynTech®, the world’s only synthetic acid, to offer the finest over-road- truck wash available.  In fact, it’s the only truck wash guaranteed by Mack, Volvo and Oshkosh trucks not to void your rust and corrosion warranty.  Torque Super Duty Wash & Wax carries a triple-zero HMIS score, is classified by OSHA as a non-skin irritant, and is non-D.O.T. regulated.

Our patented degreasers easily float away grease.  Superior soil penetrators float away dirt and diesel soot. Natural additives cut bug residue while reversing the effects of insect and acid rain spots and stains. Special patented additives melt away road salt, calcium and caustics to keep your equipment from premature rusting.  All-natural rust converters keep your bare metal and chipped paint areas coated and rust-free.  There is also a special ingredient to remove magnesium chloride.  We even add a polymerized natural bean wax to keep your trucks polished and rust free for years to come. The patented Fusion provides anti-stick properties to keep your truck cleaner between washings.

Safe on all glass, aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, rubber and plastic.  The newest formulation also boasts the benefits of SynGuard, the safe but potent anti-stick agent making it harder for stains to adhere to the truck.  Torque Super Duty Wash & Wax is environmentally safe, 100% biodegradeable and non-corrosive.   Simply apply, brush and rinse to safely clean and protect your significant investment.




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